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Quinoa Bar Vegetarià, Vila de Gracia

Quinoa is a quirky vegetarian spot located on Travesera de Gracia, one of Gracia’s most well known streets. It’s a small but very welcoming place where you can find lots of fresh salads, meat-free sandwiches and also a variety of drinks and desserts.

We went on a Tuesday night with our argentinian friend Pablo to grab some quick dinner and it turned out to be a good choice.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Quick vegetarian.
Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 203, 08012 Barcelona.
Opening hours: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 11AM–11PM / Tue: Closed / Fri, Sat: 11AM–11:30PM
Online menu: Not available, but we have pictures of it. Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3, Menu 4, Menu 5.
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: All available.
Type of atmosphere: Casual, warm, young crowd.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Pablo.
Visited on: October 2018.
Type of meal: Quick dinner.
Drinks: 1 Club Mate Cola, 1 water with gas (Vichy Catalan), 1 beer on tap. (3)
Average drink price: €2.00 – €3.00

Eeva’s choice – Balsamico (Goat cheese, tomato, baked onions, rockette, figs, walnuts and moderna vinager) €6.00
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria

Rafa’s choice – Quinoa Wrap (Bio quinoa, red beans, pico de gallo, mixed salad, coriander, jalapeños and vegan mayo) – €6.00
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria

Pablo’s choice – Banh mi (Marinated tofu with raw veggies, satay sauce, homemade kimchi, coriander and mixed salad) – €6.00
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria

Dessert – Orange chocolate chip cookie – €2.00 / Banana Bread with yogurt and fresh fruit – €4.50
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria
Quinoa Bar Vegetaria

Total price (incl. drinks): €32 (per person: €10.66) – Very Cheap

Our opinions
Eeva – “The atmosphere and the service were friendly. I really liked my goat cheese-fig burger. I was surprised by the quality of the goat cheese and the combination together with fig was juicy and flavourful. I love baking and making desserts and what was remarkable was the quality of the strawberries on the banana bread. It’s hard to find good strawberries in Barcelona and these really made the banana bread taste better. The cookie was a bit too sweet. In the end I would go back for the tasty burger.”

Rafa – “My wrap was pretty decent, I liked the subtle flavours it had and the nachos with guacamole as a complement were nice as well. However, I was kind of dissapointed with the desserts, too sweet in my opinion and in the end I was left with a sugary taste in my mouth which I’m not a fan of.

Pablo –
“For an Argentinean vegetarian who is traveling in Europe, finding a place like this can be an oasis among all the few options available in Argentina and in Barcelona when it comes to restaurants without animal meat.

I thought the menu had many good options but since it’s more of a quick dinner spot I felt the product didn’t reach a superior quality due to small details that end up altering the final product. I ordered a delicious sandwich of tofu and kimchi but the bread was kind of hard and difficult to eat. I think it is something very simple to fix, but it went from being a sandwich to a sad witch. I would not stop recommending it because even though vegetarian gastronomy is trendy at the moment, they do not overcharge for their products and in turn they offer new culinary proposals.”

Final Ratings
Eeva – 7.8 / Rafa – 7.0 / Pablo – 7.5

Consensus: 7.4 (Good)


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