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Gyoza Bar, Fort Pienc

Gyoza Bar is an Asian restaurant with a minimalist interior and a small sunny terrace located a few streets away from the iconic Arc de Triomf, a popular Barcelona landmark. In this place you can find a fine selection of fried or steamed gyozas and a few other Asian “tapas” for excellent prices.

We went on a Thursday afternoon with our Argentinian friend Pablo to eat some lunch and it was truly amazing.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Asian food.
Address: Roger de Flor, 57, 08013 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 12AM–12PM
Online menu: Not available, but we have a picture of it.
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Laid back, international atmosphere.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Pablo.
Visited on: October 2018.
Type of meal: Casual lunch.
Drinks: 2 claras (Beer with lemon soda), 1 carbonated water (Vichy Catalan). (3)
Average drink price: €1.80 – €3.00

Edamame – €4.15
Gyoza Bar Barcelona

Vegetarian Gyoza (20 Gyoza) – €10.00 (Two orders of 10)
Gyoza Bar Barcelona
Gyoza Bar Barcelona

Pork and Amaranth Gyoza (10 gyoza) – €5.00
Gyoza Bar Barcelona
Gyoza Bar Barcelona

Chestnut and pork gyoza (10 gyoza) – €5.45 
Pork Castana Gyoza 1
Pork Castana Gyoza 2

Total price (incl. drinks): €30.60 (per person: €10.20) – Very Cheap

Our opinions
Eeva – “I think these are the best dumplings I’ve tried so far in Barcelona. I’ve been to Gyoza Bar many times and it has always been excellent. I think the texture of the dumplings and the fillings were very flavourful and I was enjoying every bite. I think this time my favourite ones were the vegetable and pork & amaranth, they were super delicious. If you are used to eating hot sauces, you’ll have a wonderful experience with their sauce, but be careful, it’s very hot! I really love their dumplings.”

Rafa – “I absolutely loved the gyozas in this restaurant. Something that really irritated me about similar places I had visited previously, is that they would stuff their dumplings with mushy meat or vegetable combinations that lacked flavour and had baby food texture. Thankfully, it’s not the case in Gyoza Bar. Here the gyoza were stuffed with delicious fillings that were a delight to chew on, the wrappings were thin as well so you were able to enjoy the insides of each dumpling fully. I think that the chestnut and pork combination was definitely my favourite, it had a very rich flavour and it was nicely seasoned without being overly salty. Another thing worth mentioning is their hot sauce, it was mind blowing! 

Pablo – “I thought it was one of best places to eat in Barcelona, ​​not only because of the quality and variety of flavors but also because it is a quiet and and very affordable place where you can eat well, talk and have a good time with friends. Since dumplings are quite trendy at the moment, one expects very sophisticated and elegant places or hipster spots with music playing at full volume. In this case the restaurant offers something very modest and of great quality. Regarding vegetarian dumplings we can only find the option of vegetable gyoza, and in my opinion they do not need to have another extra option since it is extremely exquisite

Final Ratings
Eeva – 9.0  / Rafa – 9.0 / Pablo – 9.0

Consensus: 9.0 (Excellent)

Reservations: +34 937 827 410

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