El 58 is a beautifully decorated restaurant with a hip yet welcoming vibe located on Rambla del Poblenou, a picturesque boulevard that is not to be confused with the worldwide famous “las Ramblas” located in the Gotico neighborhood. El Poblenou is an interesting area that we need to explore further since it’s relatively far away from where we live, but based on our experience at El 58, it’s safe to say that we’ll go back very often.

We went there on a Thursday evening to try eat some tapas and we were shocked by amazing quality of their food.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Tapas.
Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 58, 08005 Barcelona
Opening hours: Tue – Sat: 1:30PM -11PM, Monday: Closed
Online menu: Not available, but we have a picture of it.
Picture from the restaurant: Menu 1.
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Elegant, trendy, comfortable.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa and Pablo.
Visited on: December 2018.
Type of meal: Dinner.
Drinks: 6 beers on tap, 2 small bottles of water and 2 lattes. (10)
Average drink price: –

Cured Ham with Tomato Bread – €10.00

Aged Manchego Sheep Cheese – €6.00

Patatas Bravas
– €4.25

Fried Eggplant with Honey and Rosemary – €4.25

Fried Calamari with Green Curry Mayo – €10.00

BBQ Porc Ribs – €8.50

“el 58” Eggs – €11.00

Total price (incl. drinks): €72.50. Per person: €24.16 – Reasonable

Our opinions
Eeva – “El 58 is a little piece of food heaven. I remember the first time I was there and their eggplant with honey and rosemary blew my mind away, but this time, everything was even better. We went there during the winter holidays so we were lucky to have a quiet experience cause usually it’s super packed! This time we tried new things and ate a lot, but I don’t regret any bite, to be honest, I would like to live that moment again. It’s impossible to choose my favourite plate since everything we ate was so tasty and beautiful. The favours that you experience in El 58 are very creative but you also have the option to try traditional tapas. What really took my breath away this time was their perfectly cooked BBQ pork ribs. The seasoning was fantastic and it was perfectly cooked. If you love cheese, you have to try their cheese plate. It’s ok to cry the tears of joy, I almost did. I would go back to el 58 anytime.

Rafa – “I have few words to describe how amazing this experience was, so I’ll just briefly mention all the highlights. The pairing of the calamari with green curry sauce is genius, the brava sauce is from another world, the delicate flavours of the eggplant dish are a sight to behold (or more like be tasted?) and I think I had never had such perfectly seasoned BBQ Ribs in my life. There are great places to eat tapas in Barcelona but I truly think I’ll have a difficult time finding one that tops El 58″

Pablo – “If we were to measure the happiness levels of the population living within a kilometer radius from El 58, I speculate we’d find that they’re significantly higher when compared to the rest of Barcelona. I attribute this theory to my own feeling of discontent when I look in Google Maps at the 53 minute walk from my house to EL 58. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic in Rafa’s and Eeva’s ability to convince the owners to either move their restaurant to Gracia or open a second one. So I look forward to that happening and having those delicious BBQ ribs, bravas, and eggplant tapas on a more recurrent basis in the near future.”

Final Ratings
Eeva – 9.5 / Rafa – 9.6 / Pablo – 9.3

Consensus: 9.5 (Best of Barcelona)

Facebook: facebook.com/el58poblenou/

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