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La Pubilla (Brunch), Vila de Gracia

La Pubilla is a fairly popular restaurant that focuses on Catalan cuisine and offers three different types of menus throughout the day, it is located in front of Mercat de la Llibertat in the heart of Vila de Gràcia. Upon arrival what particularly caught our attention was that they had a lot more savoury options in their breakfast menu compared to other spots in the neighborhood, not only did they have very interesting egg and meat combinations; but there was also the possibility to order some seafood based dishes during the early morning hours.

We went there on a Saturday, just before noon, and overall it was a pretty solid experience.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Catalan cuisine
Address: Plaça de la Llibertat, 23, 08012 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon 8:30AM–5PM / Tue – Fri: 8:30AM–12AM/ Sat: 9AM–12AM
Online menu: Available (Catalan) – Picture of breakfast menu in English: Menu 
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Friendly, relaxed.

Our experience
People: Eeva, Rafa, Pablo and Sami.
Visited on: April 2019.
Type of meal: Breakfast
Drinks: 2 glasses of orange juice, 2 lattes, 2 Coke Zero, 1 large bottle of water. (7)
Average drink price: —

Catalan cold cuts platter with tomato bread – €7.00
La Pubilla Catalan cold cuts 1500.jpg

Eeva’s choice – Cod with Asparragus and Romesco Sauce – €9.90
La Pubilla Cod with romesco 1500

Rafa’s choice – Eggs with sobrassada 
La Pubilla Egg with sobrasada 1500

Pablo’s choice – Eggs with pancetta €7.50
La Pubilla Egg with panceta 1500

Sami’s choice – Roasted pancetta, ham and cheese sandwich – €7.00
La Pubilla Pancetta sandwich 1500

Total price (incl. drinks):
€53.80. Per person: €13.45 – Affordable

Our opinions
Eeva –What I really loved about this place was the atmosphere. I have to say that in some point I felt that I was watching an old film because in the table next to us there were some amusing old men drinking cava and it wasn’t even 12 yet. It is basically a place for all kinds of people to have breakfast. I was very happy about the coffee and fresh juice, sometimes coffee falls below expectatations but this one was definitely pleasant. I loved the catalan cold cuts with bread because the meat was so flavourful. I had high hopes about my fish because of the really beautiful presentation but unfortunately the cod was a bit too salty for my taste. However, since the cod and asparagus were perfectly cooked and the romesco sauce was super tasty, the combination of each element ended up saving my plate. I could simply eat a plate full of asparagus and romesco sauce.

Rafa – “A couple of friends, including Pablo, had been talking about this place for a while so we knew that a Saturday at 11 am with a bit of a hangover was the perfect moment to check it out. I thought the menu was very interesting as I didn’t know what a few things listed on it were, such as “trotter terrine”, which turned out to be pig feet. In the end I chose a much more conservative dish, eggs with sobrassada and honey, and I was not disappointed at all. Sobrassada usually comes as a paste but in this case it looked more like a small block, nicely grilled on the outside and very tender on the inside, it was amazingly tasty! The honey added to the recipe was top notch as well. I really enjoy eating a heavy breakfast so this particular one definitely hit the spot. Something that I also enjoyed a lot were the catalan cold cuts, they were probably some of the most delicious I’ve had in any restaurant in Barcelona, the price for the platter was extremely fair as well.

Pablo – “Great breakfast alternative in Gracia if you’re looking for something more traditional and Catalan. Most foreigners will be scared off by some of the items in the menu, like the pig’s trotters, so you can rest assured that those people will be queuing somewhere else for an overpriced generic brunch and not bothering you here. The eggs are very tasty and so is the pancetta (if a bit of grease doesn’t terrify you), as well as the cold meats. Coffee and orange juice were also pretty good. Looking forward to trying their evening menu someday.

Final Ratings
Eeva – 7.6 / Rafa – 8.8 Pablo – 8.7 Sami – 7.0

Consensus: 8.0 (Very good)

Reservations: +34932182994

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