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Wine Tasting at Garage Bar: Mas Candí / La Salada

The Penedès territory in Catalonia is a historical wine-making region, it was listed on british wine magazine Decanter as one of the Top five Spanish wine regions to see before you die. We were somewhat familiar with this area because a few years ago we had a memorable wine cellar tour experience in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, located in the comarca of the Alt Penedès, so it was very exciting to recieve an invitation for a wine testing session at Garage Bar focusing on two Penedès winemakers: Celler Mas Candí and Celler La Salada.  (Articulo disponible en Español )

The wine tasting session was hosted by longtime friends and Celler Mas Candí founders Ramon Jané and Toni Carbó, they talked briefly about how they met and eventually started their Mas Candí project around 15 years ago. Celler La Salada turned out to be Toni Carbó’s second project that he founded years later with his wife Anna.

It was amazing to find out that not only do they produce their own wine but they also work the land themselves; they grow, harvest and take care of their own grapevines, a process that sounds extremely challenging at times but rewarding as well. It was also inspiring to hear that at the beginning they would come to Barcelona to sell the wine on their own, something which was very surprising to most places where they would sell their products, they weren’t used to meeting the wine producer, there was always a middle man.

Another suprising fact that was revealed during in the session was that Ramon and Toni had won last year’s national blind wine tasting competition “11º Premio Vila Viniteca” in which they had been participating for 11 years straight. It was mentioned that blind wine tasting was something they’d only do as a hobby but it was clear that we were in presence of true experts in every sense of the word.

In total we tasted 6 wines, 3 from Mas Candí and 3 from La Salada, 5 of them were natural wines and only 1 was traditional.

First Wine – Mas Candí Tinc Set – Sparkling white wine (Natural)

Second Wine – La Salada Pagès Content 2018 – White Wine (Natural)PAGES CONTENT 1.jpg

Third Wine – Mas Candí QX Quatre Xarel·los – White wine (Traditional)MAS CANDI QX.jpg

Fourth Wine – La Salada Sota Els Ametllers – White Wine (Natural)

Fifth Wine – Mas Candí Cabòries – Red Wine (Natural)

Sixth Wine – La Salada Roig Boig – Sparkling Red Wine (Natural)

Their second wine “La Salada Pagès Content 2018″ is a bit of an experimental wine, some years it comes out as a white wine and some years it comes out as a red wine. This year’s turned out to be a white wine and in the end it was probably our favourite from the wine tasting session. We also really liked “La Salada Roig Boig” and “Mas Candí Tinc Set” since we’re big fans of light sparkling wines.

It was a very interesting and informative session, we had never been to Garage Bar before and it’s a very nice natural wine bar that operates as a restaurant as well. After talking a bit with the owner, Stefano Fraternali, we were informed that these wine tasting sessions actually take place every Saturday! To know more about how to sign up for these sessions, all the information is on Garage Bar’s Instagram.

Where to buy online:
Mas Candi @ Cuvée 3000
La Salada @ Cuvée 3000

Where to buy in Barcelona:
Cuvee 3000 Store

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