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Feature: No Sweet Sour’s Barcelona Food Tour

Several weeks ago we were contacted by Michelle Zhao, creator of the wonderful website and Instagram account No Sweet Sour. We had been following Michelle for a while now and were fans of her content so we were very excited when she contacted us in order to ask us for recommendations to eat and drink in Barcelona. On her e-mail she explained that she was attending Sonar Festival so she’d only be here for a few days and wanted to make the most out of it.

Michelle is originally from Kunming, China but she has been living in Bergen, Norway since 2012. On her website and instagram account she shares all kinds of incredible chinese/asian recipes that sometimes incorporate Norweigan ingredients as well.

We wrote her a list of places to check out and she was kind enough to write about her experiences and included a few recommendations as well!


Our recommendations:
Garage Bar Carrer de Calàbria, 75 – Sant Antoni – Natural Wine Bar and Tapas
“We went there on our first evening after dinner as we planned, the original plan was just to taste their wine menu, but we regretted it after we discovered that they also have a very interesting tapas menu, which suits perfectly if you wish to taste different types of wine. We were two people but I would definitely recommend to go there with a small or large (why not) group of friends because you will probably get to taste a variety of different wines.

We sat inside near the showroom at a table with a shelf that had all kinds of wine bottles, it was a cosy and quiet corner for two people to have a conversation. The service was very attentive and friendly, we started with two types of rosé and carried on with one chardonnay before we decided to bring a bottle to visit our friends at their apartment. I am looking forward to revisit them again next time, with an empty stomach, and I will definitely bring my friends.”

Garage Bar Barcelona Feature 1.jpg

Bar Bágoa Plaça del Dr. Letamendi, 24 – Dreta de l’Eixample – Tapas Bar
M: “I knew this was a place I had to visit when I saw the post with a mouthwatering picture of a tender Jamon, draft beer, tomato bread and chips. I checked the location, it was in walking distance from el Raval so we decided to take a stroll to build our appetite.

It was very easy to find on the map with help of GPS, we took a shortcut through Barcelona University campus next to the Universitat metro station. After exiting university campus we arrived to a beautiful, cosy walking street (Carrer d’Enric Granados) with coffee shops and benches. The tall trees provided us with shade so we were able to escape from the sun.

We arrived Bar Bágoa around 17:00, it was not the typical rush hour but the tables outside were all occupied so we decided to sit inside near the entrance. They didn’t speak much English, but the menu had English translation on the side and made it easy for us to order. We knew what we had came for so I showed them the picture of Jamon, tomato bread and chips, we also ordered grilled Padrón peppers and two beers.

Service was fast, we got our order in approximately 10 minutes. The Jamon was so amazing just as I imaged, tender, juicy and flavourful, it was not as salty as other Jamon and it has a flavour almost like pulled pork. They are thin sliced for you to enjoy slowly without eating too fast. We also noticed we were the only table that didn’t speak Spanish, all other guests seemed local and was there to meet up with friends to enjoy drinks and tapas. At the end we were able to finish everything we ordered. It was just perfect amount of food for two people. The bill was €25 , money well spent for the experience and full, satisfied stomach. ”

Bar Bagoa Barcelona Feature

La Torteria Mexicana Carrer de Padilla, 296 – Sagrada Familia – Mexican Food
M: “I love tacos and I was so excited about this recommendation. I knew it was going to be good! We decided to visit during lunch hour to cure our hangover with some hot food. Also, I really enjoy spicy food on a hot days. The place was not difficult to find so thanks again to your recommendation and article, otherwise I would have never found this amazing place.

I loved the colorful walls and tablecloth they put in the restaurant, uplifting and at the same time very cozy. I ordered tacos al pastor and tacos pollo enchilado because they had three chilli signs next to it, on the side we had nachos queso and two beers. One of the highlights is definitely their home-made salsa, I put it on everything, as a person who loves spicy food, they were just perfect. The spicy chicken filling was tender and full of flavors. The portions were perfect for us, we were full after three tacos each. I wish I had space for more though.

I think this is an excellent place to visit if you are seeking a full length dinner or maybe just a small bite, the variations of tacos will suit your need anyways. The owners didn’t speak much English but there is English menu available and they were super friendly and attentive. I am looking forward to visit again so I can taste their margaritas.”

La Torteria Mexicana Feature.jpg

Michelle’s recommendations:
Món ViệtCarrer de Sepúlveda, 94 – Sant Antoni – Vietnamese Food
Mon Viet spring rolls with prawns.jpg
Spring Rolls with Prawns

Mon viet crunchy pork belly.jpg
Crunchy Pork Belly

Mon viet spicy beef pho.jpg
Spicy Beef Pho

Bamboo Noodle – Carrer de Viladomat, 75 – Sant Antoni – Chinese food
Bamboo noodle, spicy beef noodles and spicy chicken.jpg
Spicy Beef Noodles and Spicy Chicken

bamboo noodle, pork wontons.jpg
Pork Wontons – Michelle mentioned that these are the best ones she’s had outside of China.

Photos: Michelle Zhao (Except for the Garage Bar picture)
Text: Michelle Zhao and Food Aesthetics Barcelona

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