Dreta de l'Eixample Excellent Expensive Tapas

Cervesería Catalana, Dreta de l’Eixample

Cervesería Catalana is an enormous tapas restaurant located practically in the corner of Carrer de Mallorca and Rambla de Catalunya. This beautiful Rambla is sort of an extension of the very popular “las Ramblas”, it starts in Plaça Catalunya and goes all the way up to Diagonal Avenue. However, it is a much calmer street and it’s surrounded by high end shops and fancy restaurants.

This particular restaurant is a favourite of ours so this review was long overdue. It is a place that some love, some hate, some think it’s a tourist trap, some think it’s overpriced, but in our opinion it’s a great restaurant that is a tad expensive but where you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. Also, their extensive menu might seem intimidating, so in this review we’ve shared all of our favourite dishes, in case you have doubts about what to order when you’re there.

Restaurant information
Type of food: Tapas.
Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 8:30AM–3AM
Online menu: Not Available
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-free options: Vegetarian available.
Type of atmosphere: Inside: Semi-fancy, semi-touristy. Outside: Casual, a bit noisy.
Reservations: No reservations, must arrive 30 min to 1 hr during peak hours to write name down  in a waiting list.

Our experience
People: Eeva and Rafa
Visited on: March 2019.
Type of meal: Dinner
Drinks: One bottle of white wine (Raimat), two “aperitivos” (Aguardiente).
Average drink price: Bottles of wine are fairly cheap here and good quality, the cheapest one is around 10/11 euros.

Salmon Montaditos (Slice of “tomato bread” with salmon and tartar sauce on top)
Cerveceria Catalana Montaditos 2

Solomillo Montaditos (Beef tenderloin on tomato bread with “pimiento del padron” on top)
Cerveceria Catalana Solomillo.png

Prawn Skewers (Prawn and cherry tomato skewer on tomato bread with mayo)
Cerveceria Catalana Prawn Skewer.png

Flauta de Lomo y Queso  (Grilled pork loin sandwich with cheese)
Cerveceria Catalana Flauta Lomo.png

Huevos Cabreaos  (Thin fried potatoes with brava sauce and fried eggs on top)
Cerveceria Catalana Huevos Cabreaos.png

Tortilla de Patata  (Spanish potato omelette)
Cerveceria Catalana Tortilla Patata

Carrot Cake
Cerveceria Catalana Pastel Zanahoria.png

3 Texture Chocolate Cake
Cerveceria Catalana Chocolate Cake.png
Total price (incl. drinks): €57.50 Per person: €28.75 – Expensive

Our opinions
Eeva – “Cerveceria Catalana is definitely a good place to go if you want to eat “fancier tapas”. Even tough you have to pay a bit more, it’s definitely worth the money. The restaurant is pretty big, but the service in general is very quick and friendly. I loved all the things we ordered and it’s an impossible task to choose a favourite but I wouldn’t leave the place without trying the “solomillo montadito”. That piece of meat was a piece of heaven. It was cooked exactly the right amount of time and it just melted in my mouth after the first bite. Also the seafood we tried was incredible. I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to salmon, but the one served on their montadito is buttery and delicious. I’m also a big fan of the “huevos cabreaos”, their sauce has a very unique taste and it complements the other flavours perfectly.

Rafa – “This was one of the first restaurants I tried when I moved to Barcelona and I have to say that as years have passed, quality hasn’t really declined at all. Sometimes a tapa or montadito you order might not be as good as the last time you got it but its understandable, this place gets incredible busy. I think my favourite dish to get is the prawn skewer, the prawns are so juicy and tasty, it comes just with a small cherry tomato and a lick of mayonaise and I have to say that they are the perfect companion for this montadito. The tortilla de patata is at times hit or miss but on this occasion it was absolutely gooey and delicious. The desserts are wonderful as well, several years ago it was something that they didn’t focus on a lot but in recent years they’ve definitely improved, the 3 texture chocolate cake is to die for. And if you want to get good quality cheap wine, this is definitely the place to go, their cheapest bottle (which at the time of visit was a Raimat Chardonnay) costs only around 11 euros.”

Final Ratings
Eeva – 8.4 / Rafa – 8.6

Consensus: 8.5 (Excellent)

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