Barri Gótic Paella Tapas Very Good

Moka Restaurant, Barri Gótic

Moka Restaurant’s location can be considered both a blessing and a curse, it’s situated at the top of las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most popular street. In the opinion of many locals this is a sign of bad quality food but for businesses this is a non-issue, this street a premium location, it is known that around 200,000 people walk the ‘rambla’ every single day. The sad reality is the following: a great amount of restaurants found in las Ramblas only offer watered down versions of Spanish/Mediterranean tapas or Paella to overexcited tourists, and rarely care about quality or presentation.

However, we were quite surpised by Moka, we were able to try out their food because we won a giveway organized by the Top Food BCN Instagram account, and it was very exciting because it was our first time winning one of these prizes! Upon arriving we were offered two menu options, we could either choose a tapas menu or a paella menu, we naturally went for the tapas one since it meant we could try a little bit of everything.

Moka Tapas Instagram

The menu included patatas bravas, calamari “ala romana” (fried in batter), mussels “a la marinera” (a special sauce that incorporates Spanish pimentón powder), parmesan and tomato “croquetas”, hummus with assorted vegetables and brie cheese skewers. To be honest the first thing that caught our attention was the presentation, everything was served in very nice dishes that fit the portions perfectly so that was already a great sign. We first tried the skewers and the hummus and they were both tasty, then we followed with the bravas which were nicely fried and both sauces seemed homemade which is always a big plus.

But the real star of the show were the mussels (at least in Rafa’s opinion). The sauce was extremely delicious and the mussels were fantastically cooked, it was nearly impossible to stop eating. The calamari were good and the croquetas were slightly disapointing, it seemed that the mix of parmesan and tomato in the end didn’t work out that well.


For dessert we chose the “crema catalana”. We’re not usually big fans of this dessert but this one was pretty decent, it wasn’t overly sugary, so it helped the rest of the flavours stand out.

We had a look at their menu just to get an idea of their regular prices and they seemed on par with other places on this world renowned street, around 25-30 per person with drinks. It’s not too bad considering that at Moka you can tell that people actually care about what they’re serving. We also have to mention that the waiters and waitresses were very welcoming and service was extremely quick. So in general we had a good time eating at Moka Restaurant, we would recommend it as one of the few places to try out in “Las Ramblas”.

Total paid (including drinks): It was free! (We won a two person dinner giveaway, but after taking a glance at the menu it might be in the €25 – €30 p.p. range)

Our scores: Eeva – 7.4 / Rafa – 7.9 | Consensus: 7.7 (Very Good)


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