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The Best YouTube Cooking Channels and Instagram Food Accounts

Since the majority of the world is home following government ordered lock downs, we thought to make the best out of this situation by sharing our favourite YouTube channels, websites and Instagram accounts that focus on food! All these people have inspired us to make great meals and in several other ways, so we hope they can have a positive effect in your life as well.

Our Favourite YouTube Channels

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina
(Traditional Mexican cuisine)
Our fav recipe: Huevos con Chile Rojo y Cafe de Olla

Mrs. Angela became a YouTube celebrity in just a few months after posting online the recipes that she’s makes every week for her family at her ranch in Michoacan, Mexico. This particular meal is so delicious that it will make you question your own existence. “How have I lived this long without having eaten such a simple yet life affirming egg dish?”. These beautiful flavors will definitely brighten the grayest of days. Every Mexican dreams about their grandma’s food and now, thanks to this excellent YouTube channel, it is possible for anyone around the world enjoy it.

Seonkyoung Longest | Asian At Home (General Asian cuisine)
Our fav recipe: Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Stone Pot Bibimbap)

Seonkyoung’s mouthwatering recipes are always a success. This specific one has flavours that will blow your mind. After the first time we made it, it quickly became one of our most beloved recipes of all time and we can’t seem to get enough of it. This dish is very fun to cook with a partner since it involves a lot of chopping, so even if chopping is not your thing, you can still have a few laughs with whoever you’re cooking.

Italia Squisita (Traditional and gourmet Italian cuisine)
Our fav recipe: Pasta Amatriciana recipes by Gabriele Perilli and Angelo Troiani

Italia Squisita is probably our favourite YouTube food channel. Not only do they offer the most authentic Italian recipes, but they also have a series where they make chefs sit down and watch videos of the most popular Italian recipes around the world. Their reactions range from slightly offended to completely outraged, and it’s hilarious to watch. The best part however, is that after tearing down some of these videos, they share their own delightful recipes so you can make your own Michelin star pasta at home.

Al Estilo Chef Roger (All types of cuisine but mainly Mexican)
Our fav recipe: Sopa Azteca / Sopa de Tortilla

Roger is an experienced chef based in Mexico City, he’s both trained in French and Mexican cuisine so there’s a lot of recipes to choose from in his channel. In this case we wanted to showcase his “Sopa de Tortilla” recipe, it is very easy to make and incredibly tasty. He also has a series where he offers ideas for healthy week long menus, these are really helpful for those days where our brains can’t even add 2+2 together.

Jauja, Cocina Mexicana (Traditional Mexican cuisine)
Our fav recipe: La Auténtica Carne en su Jugo de Jalisco

Janet is a very likable woman who shares all kinds of Mexican food recipes on her channel. Her explanations are very thorough and she’s very patient when cooking, this recipe in particular is very easy to make as long as you have the right ingredients, and the flavours are out of this world.

The Kat Chef (Middle Eastern cuisine)
Our fav recipe: Mamas Hummus And Falafel Recipe!

We haven’t explored The Kat Chef’s channel as much as the others but we had to include this video because this is the best hummus and falafel meal we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

Our Favourite Instagram Accounts and Websites

Life, Limon y Sal | Holasus |

Susana Villasuso is an exceptionally talented chef living in London, England. We interviewed her last year and were fascinated to find out about her creative process. She simply never ceases to amaze us with her modern Mexican food ideas. You can find on her website tons of original recipes and a few other interesting things. Be sure to check it out!

Healthy Katy |
Healthy Katy SITE

Katy is a Barcelona based food blogger and content creator who is constantly sharing scrumptious recipes and giving excellent restaurant recommendations. She also has a super helpful free online course which helps restaurants and people with food accounts to improve their presence on Instagram. (The course is in Spanish)

Coffee with Mariam |
Mariam Interview

Mariam is a photographer with an amazing eye for all things food and pretty much every other subject and/or object as well. She occasionally shares recipes and restaurant recommendations on her Instagram and has a series of very interesting in-depth interviews on her website, you can check out one of our favourite ones in here.

Michelle · No Sweet Sour| nosweetsour |

We were lucky to collaborate with Michelle last year, she came to Barcelona and asked us for great restaurant recommendations and in exchange she wrote about some places she really loved as well. Her website and account are full of stunning Chinese recipes that are explained in great detail.

Satokausikalenteri SITE

Satokausikalenteri’s (Harvest Calendar) main objective is to encourage people to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whenever you feel like you’re running out of ideas, visit their Instagram or website in order to know which vegetables are freshest at the moment and how to integrate them into recipes. They also have a calendar that includes all the info about the season vegetables per month. This concept is a great way to support local businesses, increase vegetable eating and reduce food waste.

Eat with Albi | albitrips with albi insta

Alba has a wonderful Instagram account where she provides several tasty “realfood” recipes made mostly with nutritious and healthy ingredients. She also reviews and recommends restaurants in Barcelona and some other parts of Spain. If by any chance you’re looking to eat good sushi in this city, Alba will definitely have the best recommendations!

Foodies from Barcelona | imfoodiein insta

A fantastic account where you can find an endless amount of good restaurants to eat in, delicious takeout choices, bars to enjoy a drink at and great recipes too. They have structured their story highlights in a really clever way so that you can find whatever you need in a simple manner.

Anabel Palomo | thetasteofaspanishlady taste of a spanish lady insta

Anabel’s incredible Instagram account is a collection of super appealing shots of food, wine and very original recipes. Here you’ll find a taste of the many things Spain has to offer through the lens of an extremely friendly and passionate food lover.

Noemi the Foodie | noemi_the_foodie
noemithefoodie insta

Noemi’s Instagram is full of detailed reviews of superb restaurants and some really tasty recipes as well! Funnily enough we share the same taste when it comes to places to eat in Barcelona so we love reading what she posts in her account.

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