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Lokal Bar, Dreta de l’Eixample

A few days before Barcelona was completely shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to enjoy an absolutely wonderful dinner in the company of several lovely people that run Instagram food accounts / websites here in Barcelona. Alba from @albitrips, contacted us on a Wednesday evening and told us that they’d be holding a dinner in this place we hadn’t heard of before: “Lokal Bar”.

After realizing that it was a 10 minute walk from our place we were surpised that we’d never seen it previously, so we were very intrigued. Upon arriving we were greeted by Alba and some other people who we had talked to online but never met in person, it was so nice to finally be able to meet them. (@imfoodiein, @healthykaty_es and @thetasteofaspanishlady)

Once we all sat down we were greeted by one of the owners of Lokal Bar and she explained us a bit about the story of the place and the way dinner would be conducted: it would all be centered on tapas and divided in two different “rounds” and then dessert.

Here are some of the tapas we had on the first round:

Patatas Bravas (Fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce and homemade garlic mayo)

Hummus with vegetable chipsLOKAL BAR HUMMUS VEGETABLE CHIPS

Tortilla de patata trufada (Tuffled spanish potato omelette)LOKAL BAR TORTILLA

The standouts in our opinion were the potato dishes, the tortilla de patata was so tender and tasty, one of the best we’ve had in any restaurant in Barcelona so far. The patatas bravas were perfectly fried and both the brava sauce and alioli (garlic mayo) were pretty good.

Then came the second round of tapas:

Crispy ox tail with foie

Tuna tataki with guacamole

Salmon tartar with avocado

Octopus with brava sauce and mashed potatoesLOKAL BAR OCTOPUS

The second round of tapas was even better than the first one, we were totally crazy about the Ox Tail dish, we had never tried Ox before and it was so delicious, words won’t do it justice so if you’re planning to visit, this dish is a must. The aged beef tagliata (seen below) was also incredible and the way it was prepared was quite a show. Some other dishes that we really enjoyed were the salmon tartar and the tuna tataki.


At that point we were so full, we didn’t know if we’d be able to have some dessert, but in the end we realized that “there is always space left for dessert.” (and even a cocktail).

Chocolate with olive oil, salt and bread

They actually brought three desserts to the table but we have to say that the one above  was our favourite, the quality of the chocolate was top notch and we really liked how it was paired with the salt and the olive oil. Afterwards we also shared a very delicious cocktail since they’re very well known for their quality cocktails as well, so we highly recommend to order some after dinner drinks.

The restaurants atmosphere is very calm, they have relaxing live music at times and the service is impeccable, they really made us feel at home in here. Aside from casual dining we have to say that this is also an excellent place for having fancier dinners or celebrating special occasions. We must admit that we had an amazing evening and that we will definitely be back as soon as we can.

Total paid (including drinks): It was free. (Lokal Bar and Alba organized the dinner in order to promote the restaurant)

Our scores: Eeva – 8.5 / Rafa – 8.9 | Consensus: 8.7 (Excellent)


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